Ayurvedic Programme
Body Purification  / Detoxification Panchakarma ( Minimum 14 day to21 days)
This is the most popular Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment among the European Guests. As most of them would like to detoxify their system through a natural & eco friendly way of treatment. In Ayurveda we have very effective methods to cleanse ones system through eco friendly way of purgation. For this as said above after the consultation and diagnosis to find out the Dosha, the doctor will prescribe medicines to cleanse the system , this is a step by step process wherein the patient has to get his /her body & mind ready for the process. After cleansing the body the treatment will start & as mentioned above the treatment pattern will vary from person to person. Like the name says this is very effective to cleanse the human system by eliminating all the impurities from the blood as well as from our digestive system. One may feel a bit tired after this tough schedule of strict diet, Yoga & treatment but this is very effective for the over all health.
  Single Occupancy

  Total 14 days - Per day 90 Euro

  Package Includes
Accommodation in Heritage Rooms OR in the Ayur Village
All Meals (Veg Diet ) ,Basic Medicines ,Daily Yoga Sessions
Free Consultation by the Doctor before all Treatments
Free Herbal water in Room
Inclusive of taxes: 12.5% (Luxury tax )+ Vat+ 5.15% Service tax
Arrival Departure Transfers from Trivandrum Air Port
One Hour Country Boat Cruise in the Back Water
1 Free Trivandrum Sight Seeing ( for all the 7 nights stay)
2 Free Sight seeing trips ( Trivandrun & Kanyakumari for the stay of 14 nights & above)
  Please find the day to day details of Ayurveda Body Purification Panchakarma package as below
Day 1 - Rejuvenation Massage + Nasyam + Snehapanam
Day 2 - Rejuvenation Massage + Nasyam + Snehapanam
Day 3 - Abhyangam + Kizhi +Nasyam + Snehapanam
Day 4 - Abhyangam + Kizhi
Day 5 - Abhyangam + Kizhi
Day 6 - Rejuvenation Massage + Sirovasthy
Day 7 - Virechanam + Abhyangam + Herbal Face Pack
Day 8 - Pizhichil + Tailadhara + Vathy
Day 9 - Pizhichil + Tailadhara
Day 10 - Pizhichil + Tailadhara
Day 11 – Njavara Kizhi + Tailadhara
Day 12 - Njavara Kizhi + Face Pack
Day 13 - Rejuvenation Massage + Herbal Steambath
Day 14 - Rejuvenation Massage + Kizhi
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