Vasudeva Vilasam Nursing Home

Traditional Excellence in Ayurvedic Health Care


After Lord Dhanawanthari enshrined Susrutham with the esoteric treatises containing rich and abundant knowledge on “Ayurveda” or Health Care Through Divine Wisdom” he passed this on to generations to follow and later some had personally initiated incessant efforts to bring this lore of Divine Power of healing and health care of Ayurveda more realistically and beneficially into the lives and being of the common man. 


Vasudeva Vilasam Nursing Home took the first and right step in this direction a little over two decades ago.  There was nothing more befitting a tribute to offer to the late Sri.N.Vasudevan Unni, Kottaram Vaidyan ( Palace Physician) to the late Sree Moolam Thirunal Maharaja of Travancore than to start an institution to foster and render Ayurvedic Health care and with relentless efforts of late Dr.S.Subramannian Unni and Dr.S.Vasudev, the nursing home was established in the year 1971.  And now it had more than one reason to be proud of the rare privilege bestowed upon, to take care of people from all walks of life in India and abroad.  There are many tourists who visit the Nursing Home every year for a rejuvenation therapy and return satisfied. 


The manufacturing division Vasudeva Herbal Concentrates has the expertise in preparing Ayurvedic medicines in traditional way under the expert supervision and scientific management.  Stringent quality control measures are adopted in raw material procurement, preparation, packing and labeling. 


The Publication Division Vasudeva Vilasam Publications has published many books which are the reference texts for medical students and doctors.  ‘Diabetes, Keraleeya Chikilsa Kramam, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchial Asthma, Hypertension are some of the books already published. 


Vasudeva Ayur Health Center is set up in the silver jubilee year with a specific objective of promoting Ayurveda by Establishing out – patient centers through out India and abroad.  Also setting up Traditional Ayurvedic Massage Treatment Centers to uplift the Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.  The first such center is set up at the Nursing Home premises which provide free medical consultation from 8.00am to 8.00 pm.  The center also offers one time traditional Ayurvedic Massage Treatment which is very popular among Business Executives, Professionals and Tourists

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